Book Club

The Sustainability Book Club is a fun and welcoming environment for readers that want to learn more about the environment and sustainability. We meet on the First Thursday of each Month at 6 PM at the home of a member. A time for snacks and socializing precedes the meeting. We encourage you to patronize a local bookstore or check to see if available at the Library.

Next Meeting
The book for December 3rd  (6 PM) is American Catch by Paul Greenberg. It’s about eating local seafood, from American waters, not imported, mainly Asian seafood. Have you tried to find blue crab from the Atlantic in our grocery stores lately or looked at the source of the salmon, not to mention shrimp?  

Time: 6 PM. Contact for location in Salisbury’s Fulton Heights neighborhood. You’re welcome whether or not you’ve read the book. Likewise, if you’re unable to be with us but read the book, we’d appreciate your thoughts.