goMarket is a foodhub venture, equal parts community development and health initiative.

We support initiatives that advance the health and economic well-being of farmers, food producers and eaters here in North Carolina.


In order to fulfill that vision, we take on projects that fit into any of our four passions & priorities:

Improving Access to Healthy Food

We’re supporting and exploring options to support healthy food access in all communities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Partnering with other organizations to provide cooking and wellness classes.

Addressing Food Insecurity

We’re joining with non-profit organizations and local outreach groups to ensure that all citizens of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill have regular and reliable access to food.

Supporting Food Entrepreneurs

We’re working to build a peer-to-peer marketplace that helps low-income producers sell to their neighbors. Helping communities capture their own food dollars, especially EBT/SNAP benefits, could stop economic desertification in North Carolina’s vulnerable communities, both urban and rural.

Food Systems Consulting
If you’re looking to start your own virtual food hub or online farmers’ market, we’d love to help you launch. We work with churches, nonprofits, farmers markets and other community advocates to train vendors, develop a marketing strategy, and build collaborative new marketing opportunities.

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